Eliminate manual handling of payments

eNotices Autodebit completely automates the direct debit process, eliminating the manual processing of forms, dishonoured payment, and other tasks. This will save a significant amount of time for your staff as ratepayers sign up for direct debit with zero council interaction.

Features For You

Automated process

The entire process is automated, eliminating the manual processing of forms, communication with ratepayers, manual calculations, dishonoured payments, and more. This saves many hours of staff time. Additionally, the ratepayer can sign up and receive confirmation without any intervention from council.

Complete control of all data

Forms Express will provide daily files on all payments received, as well as any dishonoured payments, for you to upload into your system. When job data files are submitted, auto debit customers are identified and sent the relevant information.

Safe and Secure

The eNotices platform, including Bill Print, is hosted on Forms Express’ infrastructure, which is ISO27001:2013 and ISO9001:2015 compliant. The safety and security of your data and your customers data is of upmost importance to us.

Features For Your Customer

Making Auto Debit Simple

eNotices Autodebit gives your customers choice and flexibility with their payment options. They are able to choose the start date and frequency of their payments and are sent automatic confirmation.


Customers can set up Autodebit directly from the emailed notice. Within the eNotices portal they can also add or change payment methods, and adjust or cancel their Autodebit payment. All of this is done online, with instant confirmation emails, and no forms or contact with council.


eNotices Autodebit provides your customers with the flexibility they expect from online payment systems. They can select payment methods from credit cards, bank accounts, and international credit cards. Customers can also choose to pay in instalments, which are automatically calculated to ensure the full amount is paid by the due date.